20 December 2011

Christmas Salutation

Merry Christmas from the Potter clan!
As we reflect upon another year, we are as always amazed at how quickly time flies but very grateful for the wonderful year it has been.  As you probably know, we are also especially excited for the advent of a new year this time around as come March we will also be welcoming our first little Potter to the family!

We recently returned from a wonderful trip to the California coast which was a real treat for us as we drove up the coast from L.A. to San Francisco where Brett attended a conference and presented a paper.   Our trip began in Los Angeles with a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio, and a great visit with our hospitable expatriate friends the Anizor family.  We then headed north and spent a fantastic few days in the small beachside town of Cambria, exploring Hearst Castle, checking out the beautiful and massive elephant seals and combing the stretch of beach along the Pacific Coast highway.  Finally we wrapped up our trip and spent four days in San Francisco exploring this unique (and very hilly, especially for a pregnant woman!) city from top to bottom.

As of December 8th Brett completed his course work of his PhD program at the University of Toronto and in January will be moving into his comprehensive exams which is about 8 months of studying and test taking.  We are quite excited about this transition as it means Brett’s schedule will be very flexible and he will have the unique opportunity of being home with Andrea and the baby over the course of the year.  This also means he is very close to entering his thesis stage which he is very excited about!

This year Andrea has been busy in the world of external relations at Tyndale planning many events and is now preparing for her maternity leave in February.  Her little family at Tyndale has been a wonderful support through the many days of morning sickness and doctor visits.  Baby Potter has become the center of Andrea’s attention for the past seven months but she has still be busy with her many custom orders of jewelry and other accessories, and she is excited about where the world of motherhood may take her over the next year.

And of course we can’t forget our Boston Terrier pups Lily and Sprout who are as energetic and hilarious as always. We are eager to see how they transition when the baby arrives and are looking forward to many more beach walks with a stroller in tow.

This Christmas we are so grateful for the little life growing inside Andrea and look forward to the new adventures which are to come in 2012!

Peace to you this Christmas season and all the best in the year to come!

Brett, Andrea & Baby Potter
(Lily & Sprout)

Halfway there

So we are basically a month into full on nesting minus a two week hiatus to California and throw in decorating for Christmas.  Here is where we stand.

1.  Create office area - Check
2.  Redo Dining Room to become a dining room - Check
3.  Organize Closets - Pretty much
4.  Create space in bedroom - Not so much
5.  Nursery - Totally not there yet

Slow and steady wins the race right?

They do it in New York right?

Well, I have been out of commission for quite a while now but finally, and I say this with such trepidation, I am starting to feel like myself again and can manage a day of keeping food down – success!

Now that I am feeling better I am in full nesting mode – like serious nesting mode.  I eat, sleep and breath reorganizing our small apartment which I am refusing to give up in this baby arriving transition.  You see Brett and I were all ready to move, find something bigger, maybe with a yard for the dogs but I just can’t give up our location.  Our tiny two bedroom in the beaches is so perfectly situated a few blocks away from the beach and boardwalk, across the street basically from a fabulous park and small wetland area as well as a venue for outdoor festivals and concerts.  We have amazing neighbours, are on a first name basis with the owner of our favourite flower shop, know all the dogs on our block and on weekends we park our car and walk everywhere.  I love, love our location so the sacrifice is worth it to me at this point.  Once my husband is finished his bazillion years of schooling (he’s doing his PhD) we’ll settle down as they say but for now I am determined to make our space work, they do it in New York don’t they, so why can’t I.

So let me give you my reorganizing/redecorating breakdown.  Here are my objectives –
  • Create more storage space primarily for all the items currently occupying the babies soon to be nursery.
  • Create an office area outside of soon to be Baby Potters nursery.
  • Organize our kitchen/dining room/entrance way (yes it’s a complicated room) creating more usable space.
  • Organize our bedroom so we have more storage for books (which can no longer occupy the office) as well as a bassinet for baby for the first few months.
Piece of cake right?  Not so much – well I guess it is a process, one of which didn’t start off well.  A few weekends back Brett and I dedicated our Saturday to reorganization however we missed the important step of purchasing storage items first– whoops!  We first sold our bookcase in the living room as we will create a small office area here however this caused the dilemma of where to put all the books (and there are a lot of books when you live with a PhD student). They ended up on the floor for weeks– mistake #1.  While Brett emptied the bookshelf for selling purposes I dug into our closets (we have 3 hall closets).  To make this story shorter our apartment was covered with books, linens, coats, toiletries, food items and random crap which has been stuffed away for who knows what reason.  It will get organized, it has to…..

This is the beginning of our nesting journey for documentation sake.  I hope to include our savvy solutions of how to make room in small spaces and just wait until we get to baby products – do any small-space baby products exist – come on people total money making opportunity!

To be continued….

12 November 2011

Apparently I have the glow…..

They say when you are pregnant you get a “glow” – maybe from excitement, happiness and joy.  A mysterious womanly glow which as a person who has never had a baby before sounds quite beautiful. In my case however this glow about me is due to the perspiration and general clamminess of my skin as I run to various containers to safely and as cleanly as possible empty my already empty stomach. 

You don’t often hear of this sort of glow and what you do hear about morning sickness really does not prepare you for the constant gagging, general discomfort and frequented bathroom stops.  Not to sound overly negative about this wonderful stage of life but those who have dealt with rough morning sickness will agree - what is often described as beautiful and wonderful is downright rough for those of us who get picked up by the nauseous train.  You are in for some ride!

The other thing about early pregnancy you don’t really hear about is how guilty you feel if you are so special to be chosen to ride that train.  Constant guilt.  I have been stationed to my bed and couch for the past few months with a restless husband and two very energetic puppies.  I haven't been able to go to the dog park (urine smells are not helpful for those who are prone to gagging), I can’t make dinner or even open my fridge (something about a lot of food in one place or even the thought of food in general).

I am on medicine – tiny white pills with small pink happy women with big bellies on top.  If I am still taking these pills when my belly is that big I will not be happy.  Not to mention the general lack of discreetness a pill with a pregnant women painted on has.  I guess it’s just so you don’t mix them up with the other tiny white pills you take.  I hope you can sense my ability to laugh at myself though this experience – I really do think it is rather hilarious when I am actually not being sick.  I will often gag, laugh at what I gagged at and then be sick and laugh at how I was sick. Throw in the crazy emotions – really this stage of life should be compared to ‘one flew over the coo coo’s nest’ – sheer mayhem.

So all of this to say – I am pregnant, I have a different type of glow and boy is this different then how I imagined it to be.

You may have guessed by now my reasons for not blogging over the past few months – no need to really give any further explanation.  This blog may take a turn towards baby which will consume a lot of time in the Little White Bird world from this point on, I am however excited about this next step and hope you will join me on my journey towards (gasp) motherhood!

06 September 2011

20 June 2011

Table Making Part 2 (the actual making of the table)

This past Saturday was table making day and I am proud to say our table is complete; it stands without wobbling, is the right height and we didn't ruin the beautiful antique door it is made from.  In case you are reading for the first time see my previous post about my table making woes.

I've included some photos of the making process below.  For all the procrastinators out there who hold back because of the 'what ifs' of crafting and DIY projects I say press on friends, press on!

14 June 2011

Table making...

I'm making a table. I wish I had taken that carpentry class in highschool, it would come in handy in a situation like this but I simply have no other choice.  I have longed for a reclaimed 'harvest' table for a while now.  One day I looked around my apartment and thought - 'Where did all this modern furniture come from? It is totally not my style" and with that I have began the transformation of our little home above Queen St. room by room.  We still have a long way to go but I started with my bedroom and all in all it is now much more my taste.  I think when we first got married the affordability of Ikea sucked us into this sleek modern world (which I can still appreciate) and let's face it maybe my longing for the ocean back in BC or the simplicity of West Coast culture is the root of my sudden upheaval of all of our furniture but regardless there is no turning back now.

I sold our kitchen table one day; I just grew tired of it and posted it on craigslist and sold it all in a matter of two days.  I was very excited to see it go however this left a giant hole in our dining area, a large gap we now call the dance floor, dog lounge or storage room.  We have been eating on our laps for a few months now and can't really entertain.   The area in the dining room still remains bare (on a good day that is) so I thought it was about time to figure out what we should do to fill it - and so I am making a table.

Brett and I bought a antique door from our favourite antique store (The Salvage Shop) and we love it.  We stand in our kitchen, arms around each other and stare at our beautiful mid-1800's door wondering what room it led to once upon a time.  We have admired this door for a month now and let's face it my procrastination in building my table can go on no longer.

And so I am making a table and am really not sure how it will turn out but hope it doesn't fail completely as I really like my antique door!  Maybe I should have bought a table and used the door as a door - but that would just make life too easy wouldn't it! 

Table pics to come soon (I hope).

08 June 2011

Drum roll please - introducing Regretsy!

When Brett and I were in Syracuse a few weeks ago for a conference he was presenting at I met a woman (who was also presenting) and we got to chatting.  She was quite eccentric and very hilarious and she gave me a wonderful gift, a gift that changed my life as it will yours.  The gift of Regretsy. 
Regretsy is a site which takes the weirdly hilarious and absurd items posted on Etsy (a website where crafters and artists can sell their handmade items) and shares them in their wonderful glory for all to rejoice in the hilarity they bring to the world.  If you don't know what Etsy is I suggest checking it out first otherwise Regretsy might not make much sense. I particularly enjoy the accessories tab which can be found if you scroll down on the right hand side.
I do warn you though - many posts are somewhat foul in nature - well let's face it most are, so if you are easily offended this site may not be for you.    For everyone else however I leave you with a few of my all-time favourites to give you a taste of the Regretsy world.  Enjoy!
Very OJ Simpson
Seriously the best model!
The rest of this post is amazing - check it out
This is my favourite, so funny!

07 June 2011

Love Local - Favourites

Just wanted to add a few favourites from the Love Local sale this past weekend. Check out their sites, I'm sure they will be around the Toronto summer craft sale scene.

Eco-Friendly Stationery

Home Decor

I am also very excited as the Rosedale Valley Antique Market started up at The Brick Works on Sunday; it was a very Brick Works weekend indeed!  Our favourite guy from The Salvage Shop on Kingston Road had a great selection of antique goodies he had been storing up for the sale which is happening every Sunday in June and July (not sure about August).  This market is just starting up but the prices were great and we were able to check an item off of our antique wish list - a vintage fan.  I'll post a picture later this week but it was a steal and is in fabulous working condition.

All in all this past weekend was a successful one at that and now the countdown to Friday begins.  Be sure to check back on Wednesday for my favourite 'regretsy' posts - don't know what 'regretsy' is - well young grasshoppers be sure to tune in!

03 June 2011

Love Local

I am very much looking forward to this weekend and have a few fun things planned.  One exciting event is the Love Local show and sale at The Evergreen Brick Works tomorrow.  My husband and I frequent the Brick Works often in the early AM hours for a walk with the dogs before work or on Saturday morning for the farmers market.  If you haven't stopped by be sure to do so, there are a ton of great events going on each week and it's a fabulous place to visit with kids (and dogs too!). 

I frequent many craft sales but I love that this show features Toronto only artists.  I'll post a few pictures on Sunday to tell you how it went but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will wish I had more money on me.

Happy weekending to all!

30 May 2011

Time to bake!

The past few weeks have been a tad hectic hence the lack of posts.  I am in a rut of starting a lot of projects but not finishing them, I think this is a sure sign of trying to do too much.

More recently I have been doing some soul searching with regards to Little White Bird.  I have always had my hand in jewelry and accessories but I would really like to see this grow and morph into something bigger.  My true goal or passion would be to one day run own my own storefront so I have been thinking through what this would look like and the steps I can take to get there.  Who knows what will come of this so for now I am experimenting and spending some time envisioning the Little White Bird brand.  This is the reason for a lack of creative posts about jewelry and accessories.  I am always working on a custom made to order basis but I am taking a break from it otherwise.

On a more fun note I made this cake for my cousin which was fun to do.  It also helped my realize I would be cool with working as a cake decorator if the opportunity ever presented itself but for sure not a baker, it's very time consuming to mix, pour, bake, wash, mix, pour, bake etc. Phew...

27 May 2011

Pick of the week...

Doors Open Toronto is taking place this weekend.  This is a neat opportunity to visit places which are not always open to the public or get a more in-depth tour of a unique locations.  Check out the full list of locations and see just a few of my top picks below.

Cannon Design
Coach House Press
Corkin Gallery  
Corus Quay
Design Exchange 
Drake Hotel 
Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre 

26 May 2011

The new love in my life...

Do you remember when you were a kid receiving a toy or a costume of some sort that you didn't want to part with?  You may have put up a fuss when your parents tried to get you to change out of your princess dress or superman outfit.  Maybe you carried your toy everywhere you went and cried when you had to leave it at home when you went to school.  Regardless of what it was, this feeling of clinging to an object, not wanting to let it out of our eyesight, does not seem to come often as an adult, at least for me that is.  Until recently....

A few weeks ago I got my first and very much desired KitchenAid Mixer.  I don't know why I didn't know about the gloriousness of the KitchenAid when I got married otherwise I would have registered for one but I did not and for the past 3 years I have coveted my friends KitchenAids and looked forward to the day when finally one would sit on my kitchen counter too.

A few weeks ago my Mum's side of the family wrangled over to my Mum's house to celebrate Easter. I spent the day in the kitchen helping my mum and realized how time consuming and stressful cooking for big occasions actually is.  I have much more respect for my aunts who usually take such good care of us in the food department.  So picture this, much like a small child up past their bed time, after a long day of excitement, I was wiped and maybe this is why I was so taken aback when my uncle brought in the famous KitchenAid box and presented it to me for my upcoming birthday.  I have to say, I am not easily surprised, I usually pick up on the change in peoples behaviour which come with trying to pull a surprise together, not to mention the fact that the people closest to me are bad at keeping secrets, but this time I was completely taken aback.  Surprised in a stopped on your track, don't know what to say, inexplicably emotionally surprised.  Yes, tears of joy did fill my eyes, I will admit it!

And now she sits on my counter and I want to keep going into my kitchen to look at her.  I wish I could put her on my beside table so she would be the first thing I see when I wake up.  I am super excited to break her in but in the same way I hesitate to use her I am afraid to lose the wonderful newness she possesses.  So for now, at least for a few more weeks, I will admire her in all her beauty.

27 April 2011

Fresh ideas...

Lately I have been doing some flower arrangements for various events and I have found I am particularly enjoying this new pastime. I also find it personally satisfying to create arrangements for as cheap as possible.  The arrangements below both cost less then $7 a vase, my best find - 8 roses for $2.99.  Men, you have no excuse with prices that great!

I have a great little florist up the street from me (Queen E.) whose prices are quite reasonable but I am a sucker for the cluster of flower stores at Avenue Rd. & Davenport, especially Jong Young Flower Market. If you haven't stopped by these stores there is no better time then now, with so many spring flowers in bloom you are sure to have a great selection to choose from.  Maybe I'll see you there, I'm the one who is obviously in the zone, choosing bunch by bunch and repetitively changing my mind, so many choices!  For me it just means I have to go back the next week and pick up more; flowers just make me happy!

10 April 2011

Pick of the Weekend

Today we finally got to the Tim Burton exhibit at the Bell Light Box.  I wish we could have gone sooner but thank goodness the installation is in Toronto for a good length of time allowing procrastinating people like me the chance to check it out.  

Now I am a pretty big Burton fan and love the fantasy worlds he creates in their darkness and mystery.  This exhibit lived up to all my expectations with drawings, notes, letters, actual stop motion puppets and costumes, it was Burton heaven!  The exhibit is only on for one more week so check it out if you can.  

For those of you with little ones the Sprockets festival, a film festival for children and youth is also on and I was intrigued by the very neat on-site activities they have going on for families to check out before or after the kid friendly films such as the special effects make-up session.  This festival is happening this week through to the 17th of April.  

Speaking of all things film my favourite film festival is coming to Toronto soon.  Hot Docs begins April 28th and goes through to May 8th. There are so many documentaries I wish I could check out, if only we had a money tree, thankfully we have places like the Film Buff and Queen Video for post festival rentals.
Anyway, back to Tim Burton.  If you are a fan of his style check out one of my favourite shops on etsy, Obsolete World which in my opinion mirrors the fantasy worlds Burton creates. I purchased a bunch of prints a few years ago for friends as I love the simple beauty of the artists work, I also like the titles, like this one - 'The Ever Silent Spaces.'  You can also check out the artists' blog.

25 March 2011

Get me to the church on time

I have been out of commission for the past few weeks as I have been busy with a few projects and of course life.  I thought I'd add a quick post of two bridal hairpieces I just finished.  

Feel free to contact me if you are getting married or refer me to friends who are about to tie the knot.  With wedding season on the horizon it also means us guests might want a fun piece for an upcoming soirée, I love doing custom orders so let me know if an event coming up might be the right place to debut some feathery fun.  My hairpieces range in price typically from $15 - $45; these two bridal pieces are $30.

A few other pieces I'm working on - photos to come:

Feather boutonnières for the men – a fun way to do the typical boutonnière with a twist.
Feather shoe clips – a great way to add some jazz to your shoes and a fabulous bridal party gift.
Prom hairpieces - this year we are going with some jewel tones, very fun!

I am also trying to learn how to knit, it has proved to be more difficult then I thought. More to come on that soon.

01 March 2011

Spring is in the air

Today the sun was shining and the world just felt a bit brighter.  I know they say it's not spring yet but today gave me a little hope (although the temperature tried to prove me wrong) that indeed spring is on its way.

This week has been busy with a few side projects on the go.  Today after work I went to my favourite flower markets to grab some flowers for a few centerpieces I am making for an event at work.  I was so eager to get in and get home to start creating that I almost looked over my oh so very favourite thing... Peonies!
These beauties surprised me as it still seems early for them to be appearing, although I guess today is March 1st.  I was so excited to see my first peony since last spring, it made my day, so after gathering my purple and yellow array of buds and pointing while winking to my husband who showed up after his class we cashed out, peonies in hand.

Now they sit in my entry way looking so beautiful as they ever so slowly open up.  The way peonies blossom truly encompasses the essence of spring; tiny folds of feathery pink and white leaves pushing the next aside as they reach for warmth.  New life - I love spring!

And you know what spring means - wedding season is upon us which is the reason behind said busyness as I have begun making up some wedding and prom hairpieces.  I'll post some photos of these soon but in the meantime I am enjoying gazing at my peonies as I breeze through my hallway and am thankful for the refreshment they bring in the midst of the busyness of life.

27 February 2011

Cupcake wars....

Last week my work had a bake-off of sorts.  Each department had to create an entry of cupcakes and let's just say some people got a bit competitive.  I love things like this, not because I really like to bake (I don't) but because I like the challenge of trying to make something super creative, something I've never done before.  So since I don't work for one specific department I joined up with some great ladies, we put our heads together and the final result got us the winning prize (a small silver trophy) but more so the gratification and glory of winning!  See our entry below.

Red Velvet Apple Cupcakes:
Find the recipe here (Note:  Reduce the amount of cocoa powder and add a small amount of beet juice to really bring out the red colour of the cupcake.)
Add red sugar, a tootsie roll stem and either green taffy or green fondant leaf for the apple effect.

Double Vanilla Apple Pie Cupcakes:
See the recipe - I bought the small cupcake tins at the Dollar Store.  Add smarties and coloured icing to create the pie.

16 February 2011

Colour me... Organized

When some dream about winning the lottery, their vision for how to spend their newly gained money is often filled with grand vacations, big houses, boats, cars, maybe charity or helping family members. Although these things would all be nice I can't help myself dreaming of one simple thing if I were to win the lottery...


Glorious bins, shelves, folders!  Book cases, book ends, peg boards, containers and jars galore!  If money were no object every inch of my home would be neatly packaged into order, from my kitchen to my closet to my craft room (the nightmare of all disorganization.)  I think about this organization, dream about it, talk about it and now write about it with the hope that one day the order fairy will grant me three wishes and all the organization items I could ever wish for would be mine.  Sigh....

For now these ideas will have to do...

Flower storage containers
Chalkboard sticker
Day planner
Ikea wall storage (can be hung right against the wall or on a rack as in photo #2)
Felt pen holder
Book ends (love these)
Animal paper clips
Coloured push pins (on my wish list, these are fabulous)

14 February 2011

Love is in the air...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thought I'd write a short post to update you on our favourite plastic couple, you can check out my earlier post for more info.

Barbie and Ken are together again, check it out!

What could make Valentine's Day more perfect then knowing that love in the toy world can triumph over all?  Hope your day is just as sweet as this little romance!

11 February 2011

Pick of the Week

For all of you with a sweet tooth, and just in time for Valentine's Day, this week's 'Pick of the week' will quench your thirst for sugary goodness and may aid in the gift-giving woes which go hand in hand with this day of love.

Another Queen E. pick - Sweet Bliss Baking Company exists to provide its customers with the best Cupcakes (or, as the owners like to call them, "Fairy cakes") possible and boy, do they deliver.  My husband and I have been frequenting this tiny shop since we moved to the area last year.  We stumbled upon it while taking a walk and it was love at first taste.  Although I might argue that the best thing about this little bakery are the fabulous cupcakes (the red velvet is unbelievable) the bakery itself is filled with a diverse mix of gift ideas, baskets, flowers, jams, breads and their other big hit, cinnamon buns (although only on weekends). 
Sweet Bliss uses only natural, local and Canadian grown products (awesome!),  so it's practically healthy to indulge in their tasty treats!

Although their hours are a little wonky (be sure to call before heading out as I have only known them to be open Thursdays - Sundays) this place really lives up to its name and is definitely worth a visit.

09 February 2011

I'm thinking Red, Pink, White....

I very much enjoy holidays, they are an excuse to give gifts which I love to do, decorate and plan something extra special, a break from the mundane so to say.  I like to "go all out" as some define it but mostly I just really enjoy creating, decorating and parties (well, planning them at least), let's face it holidays are made for people like me and I embrace it!

I can't say I have always loved Valentine's Day, it is super commercialized and expensive but I got into it a bit more the first year I was married. Maybe because I was a newly-wed, or then again Cupid may have finally got to me.  When thinking about Valentine's Day as a child I have great memories filled with homemade cards and little surprises in my lunch bag or a special adventure with my dad.  Valentine's Day was  simple, it was about the little things; more homemade, so to say.  For our first Valentine's Day as a married couple  I decided to bring Valentine's Day, the homemade way, back.  No big gifts or expensive outings, just simple gestures/homemade gifts to make the 14th especially filled with love. This year I cut many, many, many red and pink hearts out and wrote sweet nothings to my hubby and taped them up all over our apartment.  I woke up really early to get them all up (which was a grand gesture in and of itself) and when he awoke he was greeted by the red and pink valentines and he spent the rest of the day reading all of them.  The same year my husband Brett wrote a Valentine's Day song, it was about our little life in BC as a newly married couple and was the most perfect gift.  After this year we made a rule that Valentines day will always be homemade, I just love the thought that goes into these simple gifts and gestures, for me it's a perfect way to spend the holiday.  Since then I will admit I have received flowers and sometimes a little gift and I have broke the rules myself once or twice and bought a yummy food item or two but mostly we stick to our homemade plan and it's something I very much look forward to each year.

I have a few ideas in the works for this year but at the moment they are top secret.  I've listed some other fun and easy ideas for friends, family and co-workers, hopefully they will be inspiring and your loved one, whomever they might be, will feel especially appreciated - homemade style.

These were super easy to make and are a great little gift for friends, family & co-workers

 Ideas I want to try out.  The flower valentines are lollypops, so fun!

07 February 2011

"Come on Barbie, let's go party"

You may have heard that Ken, the famous and handsome doll will be celebrating his 50th birthday this year. I have noticed a few quirky ads around our city which have got me intrigued (hats off marketing firm), so I did some research and here's the scoop.
The History of Barbie & Ken:
1961 - Barbie and Ken meet on the set of a TV commercial, it was love at first sight and they became the 'it' couple in the toy world.  Let's call them Benie.
1961-2004 - Through many hair do's (well not so much for Ken), professions and fashion trends the couple stayed together until February of 2004.
2004 - On Valentines day Benie parted ways and Barbie rocked the toy world by quickly moving on to date Aussie surfer Blaine (what the heck?!)  From this point on Barbie could be found in stores worldwide with a slightly darker tan.
2004-2010 - Ken quickly became the ultimate bachelor, you can find him on sites such as Match.com, Facebook and even Twitter.  He took some time off and stayed out of the spotlight over the past few years until recently when he accepted a role in the Oscar nominated film - Toy Story 3.  He plays 'Ken'
2011 - Now back in the spotlight Ken only wants one plastic hand to hold down the red carpet.  Being a hopeless romantic he has launched an elaborate campaign to win Barbie back.  From cupcakes to bus shelters there is a buzz in the air and as Valentines day approaches one wonders if a plastic wedding for Benie is on the horizon. We'll have to wait a few more days to find out, oh the anticipation!
Click here for more info.

04 February 2011

Pick of the week

One of my favourite coffee/tea places can be found in Leslieville and no it's not Starbucks.  Te Aro on Queen St. is not only warm and cozy on a cold day but in the summer the patio is a fabulous place to sit back and people watch.  There is just something about this place that makes you feel cooler then you really are.  Maybe it is the design aesthetic, which is a unique mix of modern and rustic furniture, accessories and decor or maybe it is the people who frequent this Queen E. gem but regardless it is one of my favourite places and therefore is my pick of the week.

I dropped by this week to meet my cousin and we both indulged ourselves with the Te Aro London Fog.  Now I don't usually like London Fogs, but this place has them down and they are awesome!  If you are in the neighbourhood be sure to drop by for a visit and check this place out, you can also check out the BlogTO review which of course says this place to awesome too!  It won't be long until the patio will be full with many mugs glistening in the sun, ahhh, one can hope right!?

02 February 2011

Snowy day...

A simple day working at home with two sleepy pups at my side.

Sigh. I could get used to this.

26 January 2011

Colour me... cold!

So, it's Wednesday...
By this day of the week you've probably already determined what 'kind' of a week it really is, know what I mean!?  For me, this week has gotten off to a rough start with some good ol' work drama and so today, mid-week I am feeling a little icy, kinda like the weather in T.O. You know that feeling like you've shut down a bit in order to make it through the rest of the week without breaking down, blowing up or going insane, it's an icy feeling and I am right in it, full on survival mode.  So today when I think of colours the palette is a little chilly but surprisingly inviting.

How are you coloured today?

Check out these Etsy sites with items featured below: Kera Softwear & Chomalchomal. Scroll over the photos to find out where they came from.