07 June 2011

Love Local - Favourites

Just wanted to add a few favourites from the Love Local sale this past weekend. Check out their sites, I'm sure they will be around the Toronto summer craft sale scene.

Eco-Friendly Stationery

Home Decor

I am also very excited as the Rosedale Valley Antique Market started up at The Brick Works on Sunday; it was a very Brick Works weekend indeed!  Our favourite guy from The Salvage Shop on Kingston Road had a great selection of antique goodies he had been storing up for the sale which is happening every Sunday in June and July (not sure about August).  This market is just starting up but the prices were great and we were able to check an item off of our antique wish list - a vintage fan.  I'll post a picture later this week but it was a steal and is in fabulous working condition.

All in all this past weekend was a successful one at that and now the countdown to Friday begins.  Be sure to check back on Wednesday for my favourite 'regretsy' posts - don't know what 'regretsy' is - well young grasshoppers be sure to tune in!

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