25 March 2011

Get me to the church on time

I have been out of commission for the past few weeks as I have been busy with a few projects and of course life.  I thought I'd add a quick post of two bridal hairpieces I just finished.  

Feel free to contact me if you are getting married or refer me to friends who are about to tie the knot.  With wedding season on the horizon it also means us guests might want a fun piece for an upcoming soirée, I love doing custom orders so let me know if an event coming up might be the right place to debut some feathery fun.  My hairpieces range in price typically from $15 - $45; these two bridal pieces are $30.

A few other pieces I'm working on - photos to come:

Feather boutonnières for the men – a fun way to do the typical boutonnière with a twist.
Feather shoe clips – a great way to add some jazz to your shoes and a fabulous bridal party gift.
Prom hairpieces - this year we are going with some jewel tones, very fun!

I am also trying to learn how to knit, it has proved to be more difficult then I thought. More to come on that soon.

01 March 2011

Spring is in the air

Today the sun was shining and the world just felt a bit brighter.  I know they say it's not spring yet but today gave me a little hope (although the temperature tried to prove me wrong) that indeed spring is on its way.

This week has been busy with a few side projects on the go.  Today after work I went to my favourite flower markets to grab some flowers for a few centerpieces I am making for an event at work.  I was so eager to get in and get home to start creating that I almost looked over my oh so very favourite thing... Peonies!
These beauties surprised me as it still seems early for them to be appearing, although I guess today is March 1st.  I was so excited to see my first peony since last spring, it made my day, so after gathering my purple and yellow array of buds and pointing while winking to my husband who showed up after his class we cashed out, peonies in hand.

Now they sit in my entry way looking so beautiful as they ever so slowly open up.  The way peonies blossom truly encompasses the essence of spring; tiny folds of feathery pink and white leaves pushing the next aside as they reach for warmth.  New life - I love spring!

And you know what spring means - wedding season is upon us which is the reason behind said busyness as I have begun making up some wedding and prom hairpieces.  I'll post some photos of these soon but in the meantime I am enjoying gazing at my peonies as I breeze through my hallway and am thankful for the refreshment they bring in the midst of the busyness of life.