26 January 2011

Colour me... cold!

So, it's Wednesday...
By this day of the week you've probably already determined what 'kind' of a week it really is, know what I mean!?  For me, this week has gotten off to a rough start with some good ol' work drama and so today, mid-week I am feeling a little icy, kinda like the weather in T.O. You know that feeling like you've shut down a bit in order to make it through the rest of the week without breaking down, blowing up or going insane, it's an icy feeling and I am right in it, full on survival mode.  So today when I think of colours the palette is a little chilly but surprisingly inviting.

How are you coloured today?

Check out these Etsy sites with items featured below: Kera Softwear & Chomalchomal. Scroll over the photos to find out where they came from.

24 January 2011

A few hair pieces I've made up recently...

Thought I'd add a few pieces I've made up recently.  The grey piece was a custom order, the other two are still available if interested.

20 January 2011

Button, button, who's got the button?

No, this post is not about Willy Wonka or Alice in Wonderland in which the game 'Button, button, who's got the button is referenced.  This post is actually about  - buttons!  I am really into them at the moment, I don't know why the sudden appeal but I just keep looking through this huge pile spread out in my work room trying to think of wonderful ways to showcase these simple but beautiful round objects.

I've thought of framing my favourites which I will probably do at some point (how cute would this be for a babies room - art for cheap!).

Right now through I really want to find fashionable ways to wear buttons.  I'm still working on it, here's a few button rings I made up, I thought they'd be fun and inexpensive items.  I have an idea for a necklace, I'll post it soon and I am also working on some button inspired pins.  I am hoping these three projects will quench my button thirst, we'll see though!

14 January 2011

Pimpin up my tea cup...

So I am on the hunt for a cool tea infuser.  There is this great place on Queen E. in the beaches called Pippins Tea Company which sells loose tea leaves and my wonderful husband got me my favourite flavour (also my favourite flower - White Peony) for Christmas which leads me to my tea infuser hunt. 
I once saw a tea ‘spoon’ infuser which is what I had my heart set on.  They come in fun colours and are made of silicone but in my web hunt to see where to get one I found all of these other wonderful infusers, who knew there was a world of infuser design?!
Check them out below, I’ll let you know which one I end up getting as soon as I can get out to the kitchen stores.

Christmas time at the Potters - had to get this one up before we forget about Christmas 2010 altogether!

This past Christmas was the first Christmas since 2007 that we have had in a non-transitional state.  You see, our first Christmas together was in Vancouver and it was the most wonderful Christmas.  We were newly married, in a new beautiful city and we were alone which at the time seemed hard but was truly a fabulous experience.  There were no Christmas obligations to get to, no traveling to do, our little world was quiet and peaceful and made up of just our little Potter family.
The next year was drastically different! 
Christmas 2008 was a frantic journey to Toronto in the midst of snow, buses, taxis, and flights with a puppy under our seat to be greeted by friends and family we had not seen in a long time.  We had not been home in a year, it was an incredibly weird feeling to be in a place so familiar but no longer home and the moment we landed we were busy Christmasing it up and didn’t really stop until we landed back in Vancouver and had to make our way home from the airport on Public Transit.  That Christmas is remembered as the crazy Christmas.
And then there was last year, Christmas 2009.  We had been back in Toronto for 3 months, jobless, houseless and hating the fact that this province is so damn cold!  This was probably our most organized Christmas though as we were both unemployed and had lots of time on our hands. But then we found an apartment, got the keys on December 24th and moved in.  Winter moving is a little hairy to say the least!
So that brings me to this year, our first ‘stable’ Christmas since that wonderful 2007 Christmas and although I got sick (of course) and left everything to the last minute (whoops!) our Christmas did turn out to be a little closer to that first Christmas.  A good mixture of the peaceful simplicity I was hoping for yet also filled with the wonderful family and friends we now live so close to. 
There is just something about Christmas time and often we are so busy we don’t get to really enjoy it, to take in the entertaining of friends, the decorations that surround us as we shop and the general spirit of excitement in the air.  It’s my goal to bring a little of 2007 Christmas to our home each year. 
Here are a few photos of Christmasy things, party ideas, gifts etc. from our Christmas this year.

10 January 2011


I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions but this year has been a bit different.  I don’t know what exactly it is about Christmas and New Year but the season does for some reason ignite a spark of newness in people - new things, new beginnings, new hope.  So for the sake of newness I have decided to start a new website/blog.
For those of you who know me (which at this time will be most of you) you’ll know that I like working with my hands to create however I also love, love love finding cool creations and neat knick-knacks other people have made or you can make yourself.  This blog is going to be a mixture of what I am up to in the wonderful world of Little White Bird along with cool things/ideas/places etc. that I have found and want to share.
I am not so sure about the blogging world as of yet but I hope you will join me in the new journey I am about to start on day 5 of 2011 and we’ll see where it takes us.