30 May 2011

Time to bake!

The past few weeks have been a tad hectic hence the lack of posts.  I am in a rut of starting a lot of projects but not finishing them, I think this is a sure sign of trying to do too much.

More recently I have been doing some soul searching with regards to Little White Bird.  I have always had my hand in jewelry and accessories but I would really like to see this grow and morph into something bigger.  My true goal or passion would be to one day run own my own storefront so I have been thinking through what this would look like and the steps I can take to get there.  Who knows what will come of this so for now I am experimenting and spending some time envisioning the Little White Bird brand.  This is the reason for a lack of creative posts about jewelry and accessories.  I am always working on a custom made to order basis but I am taking a break from it otherwise.

On a more fun note I made this cake for my cousin which was fun to do.  It also helped my realize I would be cool with working as a cake decorator if the opportunity ever presented itself but for sure not a baker, it's very time consuming to mix, pour, bake, wash, mix, pour, bake etc. Phew...

27 May 2011

Pick of the week...

Doors Open Toronto is taking place this weekend.  This is a neat opportunity to visit places which are not always open to the public or get a more in-depth tour of a unique locations.  Check out the full list of locations and see just a few of my top picks below.

Cannon Design
Coach House Press
Corkin Gallery  
Corus Quay
Design Exchange 
Drake Hotel 
Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre 

26 May 2011

The new love in my life...

Do you remember when you were a kid receiving a toy or a costume of some sort that you didn't want to part with?  You may have put up a fuss when your parents tried to get you to change out of your princess dress or superman outfit.  Maybe you carried your toy everywhere you went and cried when you had to leave it at home when you went to school.  Regardless of what it was, this feeling of clinging to an object, not wanting to let it out of our eyesight, does not seem to come often as an adult, at least for me that is.  Until recently....

A few weeks ago I got my first and very much desired KitchenAid Mixer.  I don't know why I didn't know about the gloriousness of the KitchenAid when I got married otherwise I would have registered for one but I did not and for the past 3 years I have coveted my friends KitchenAids and looked forward to the day when finally one would sit on my kitchen counter too.

A few weeks ago my Mum's side of the family wrangled over to my Mum's house to celebrate Easter. I spent the day in the kitchen helping my mum and realized how time consuming and stressful cooking for big occasions actually is.  I have much more respect for my aunts who usually take such good care of us in the food department.  So picture this, much like a small child up past their bed time, after a long day of excitement, I was wiped and maybe this is why I was so taken aback when my uncle brought in the famous KitchenAid box and presented it to me for my upcoming birthday.  I have to say, I am not easily surprised, I usually pick up on the change in peoples behaviour which come with trying to pull a surprise together, not to mention the fact that the people closest to me are bad at keeping secrets, but this time I was completely taken aback.  Surprised in a stopped on your track, don't know what to say, inexplicably emotionally surprised.  Yes, tears of joy did fill my eyes, I will admit it!

And now she sits on my counter and I want to keep going into my kitchen to look at her.  I wish I could put her on my beside table so she would be the first thing I see when I wake up.  I am super excited to break her in but in the same way I hesitate to use her I am afraid to lose the wonderful newness she possesses.  So for now, at least for a few more weeks, I will admire her in all her beauty.