14 January 2011

Christmas time at the Potters - had to get this one up before we forget about Christmas 2010 altogether!

This past Christmas was the first Christmas since 2007 that we have had in a non-transitional state.  You see, our first Christmas together was in Vancouver and it was the most wonderful Christmas.  We were newly married, in a new beautiful city and we were alone which at the time seemed hard but was truly a fabulous experience.  There were no Christmas obligations to get to, no traveling to do, our little world was quiet and peaceful and made up of just our little Potter family.
The next year was drastically different! 
Christmas 2008 was a frantic journey to Toronto in the midst of snow, buses, taxis, and flights with a puppy under our seat to be greeted by friends and family we had not seen in a long time.  We had not been home in a year, it was an incredibly weird feeling to be in a place so familiar but no longer home and the moment we landed we were busy Christmasing it up and didn’t really stop until we landed back in Vancouver and had to make our way home from the airport on Public Transit.  That Christmas is remembered as the crazy Christmas.
And then there was last year, Christmas 2009.  We had been back in Toronto for 3 months, jobless, houseless and hating the fact that this province is so damn cold!  This was probably our most organized Christmas though as we were both unemployed and had lots of time on our hands. But then we found an apartment, got the keys on December 24th and moved in.  Winter moving is a little hairy to say the least!
So that brings me to this year, our first ‘stable’ Christmas since that wonderful 2007 Christmas and although I got sick (of course) and left everything to the last minute (whoops!) our Christmas did turn out to be a little closer to that first Christmas.  A good mixture of the peaceful simplicity I was hoping for yet also filled with the wonderful family and friends we now live so close to. 
There is just something about Christmas time and often we are so busy we don’t get to really enjoy it, to take in the entertaining of friends, the decorations that surround us as we shop and the general spirit of excitement in the air.  It’s my goal to bring a little of 2007 Christmas to our home each year. 
Here are a few photos of Christmasy things, party ideas, gifts etc. from our Christmas this year.

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