14 June 2011

Table making...

I'm making a table. I wish I had taken that carpentry class in highschool, it would come in handy in a situation like this but I simply have no other choice.  I have longed for a reclaimed 'harvest' table for a while now.  One day I looked around my apartment and thought - 'Where did all this modern furniture come from? It is totally not my style" and with that I have began the transformation of our little home above Queen St. room by room.  We still have a long way to go but I started with my bedroom and all in all it is now much more my taste.  I think when we first got married the affordability of Ikea sucked us into this sleek modern world (which I can still appreciate) and let's face it maybe my longing for the ocean back in BC or the simplicity of West Coast culture is the root of my sudden upheaval of all of our furniture but regardless there is no turning back now.

I sold our kitchen table one day; I just grew tired of it and posted it on craigslist and sold it all in a matter of two days.  I was very excited to see it go however this left a giant hole in our dining area, a large gap we now call the dance floor, dog lounge or storage room.  We have been eating on our laps for a few months now and can't really entertain.   The area in the dining room still remains bare (on a good day that is) so I thought it was about time to figure out what we should do to fill it - and so I am making a table.

Brett and I bought a antique door from our favourite antique store (The Salvage Shop) and we love it.  We stand in our kitchen, arms around each other and stare at our beautiful mid-1800's door wondering what room it led to once upon a time.  We have admired this door for a month now and let's face it my procrastination in building my table can go on no longer.

And so I am making a table and am really not sure how it will turn out but hope it doesn't fail completely as I really like my antique door!  Maybe I should have bought a table and used the door as a door - but that would just make life too easy wouldn't it! 

Table pics to come soon (I hope).

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