08 June 2011

Drum roll please - introducing Regretsy!

When Brett and I were in Syracuse a few weeks ago for a conference he was presenting at I met a woman (who was also presenting) and we got to chatting.  She was quite eccentric and very hilarious and she gave me a wonderful gift, a gift that changed my life as it will yours.  The gift of Regretsy. 
Regretsy is a site which takes the weirdly hilarious and absurd items posted on Etsy (a website where crafters and artists can sell their handmade items) and shares them in their wonderful glory for all to rejoice in the hilarity they bring to the world.  If you don't know what Etsy is I suggest checking it out first otherwise Regretsy might not make much sense. I particularly enjoy the accessories tab which can be found if you scroll down on the right hand side.
I do warn you though - many posts are somewhat foul in nature - well let's face it most are, so if you are easily offended this site may not be for you.    For everyone else however I leave you with a few of my all-time favourites to give you a taste of the Regretsy world.  Enjoy!
Very OJ Simpson
Seriously the best model!
The rest of this post is amazing - check it out
This is my favourite, so funny!


  1. oh my goodness, i looked at this at work and am having a hard time keeping my laughter quiet so no one overhears me. it is a good thing we didn't know about this at our previous place of work ;)

  2. I know eh! I am already addicted to Etsy and now this - so hilarious...