16 February 2011

Colour me... Organized

When some dream about winning the lottery, their vision for how to spend their newly gained money is often filled with grand vacations, big houses, boats, cars, maybe charity or helping family members. Although these things would all be nice I can't help myself dreaming of one simple thing if I were to win the lottery...


Glorious bins, shelves, folders!  Book cases, book ends, peg boards, containers and jars galore!  If money were no object every inch of my home would be neatly packaged into order, from my kitchen to my closet to my craft room (the nightmare of all disorganization.)  I think about this organization, dream about it, talk about it and now write about it with the hope that one day the order fairy will grant me three wishes and all the organization items I could ever wish for would be mine.  Sigh....

For now these ideas will have to do...

Flower storage containers
Chalkboard sticker
Day planner
Ikea wall storage (can be hung right against the wall or on a rack as in photo #2)
Felt pen holder
Book ends (love these)
Animal paper clips
Coloured push pins (on my wish list, these are fabulous)

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