07 February 2011

"Come on Barbie, let's go party"

You may have heard that Ken, the famous and handsome doll will be celebrating his 50th birthday this year. I have noticed a few quirky ads around our city which have got me intrigued (hats off marketing firm), so I did some research and here's the scoop.
The History of Barbie & Ken:
1961 - Barbie and Ken meet on the set of a TV commercial, it was love at first sight and they became the 'it' couple in the toy world.  Let's call them Benie.
1961-2004 - Through many hair do's (well not so much for Ken), professions and fashion trends the couple stayed together until February of 2004.
2004 - On Valentines day Benie parted ways and Barbie rocked the toy world by quickly moving on to date Aussie surfer Blaine (what the heck?!)  From this point on Barbie could be found in stores worldwide with a slightly darker tan.
2004-2010 - Ken quickly became the ultimate bachelor, you can find him on sites such as Match.com, Facebook and even Twitter.  He took some time off and stayed out of the spotlight over the past few years until recently when he accepted a role in the Oscar nominated film - Toy Story 3.  He plays 'Ken'
2011 - Now back in the spotlight Ken only wants one plastic hand to hold down the red carpet.  Being a hopeless romantic he has launched an elaborate campaign to win Barbie back.  From cupcakes to bus shelters there is a buzz in the air and as Valentines day approaches one wonders if a plastic wedding for Benie is on the horizon. We'll have to wait a few more days to find out, oh the anticipation!
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