27 February 2011

Cupcake wars....

Last week my work had a bake-off of sorts.  Each department had to create an entry of cupcakes and let's just say some people got a bit competitive.  I love things like this, not because I really like to bake (I don't) but because I like the challenge of trying to make something super creative, something I've never done before.  So since I don't work for one specific department I joined up with some great ladies, we put our heads together and the final result got us the winning prize (a small silver trophy) but more so the gratification and glory of winning!  See our entry below.

Red Velvet Apple Cupcakes:
Find the recipe here (Note:  Reduce the amount of cocoa powder and add a small amount of beet juice to really bring out the red colour of the cupcake.)
Add red sugar, a tootsie roll stem and either green taffy or green fondant leaf for the apple effect.

Double Vanilla Apple Pie Cupcakes:
See the recipe - I bought the small cupcake tins at the Dollar Store.  Add smarties and coloured icing to create the pie.

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