09 February 2011

I'm thinking Red, Pink, White....

I very much enjoy holidays, they are an excuse to give gifts which I love to do, decorate and plan something extra special, a break from the mundane so to say.  I like to "go all out" as some define it but mostly I just really enjoy creating, decorating and parties (well, planning them at least), let's face it holidays are made for people like me and I embrace it!

I can't say I have always loved Valentine's Day, it is super commercialized and expensive but I got into it a bit more the first year I was married. Maybe because I was a newly-wed, or then again Cupid may have finally got to me.  When thinking about Valentine's Day as a child I have great memories filled with homemade cards and little surprises in my lunch bag or a special adventure with my dad.  Valentine's Day was  simple, it was about the little things; more homemade, so to say.  For our first Valentine's Day as a married couple  I decided to bring Valentine's Day, the homemade way, back.  No big gifts or expensive outings, just simple gestures/homemade gifts to make the 14th especially filled with love. This year I cut many, many, many red and pink hearts out and wrote sweet nothings to my hubby and taped them up all over our apartment.  I woke up really early to get them all up (which was a grand gesture in and of itself) and when he awoke he was greeted by the red and pink valentines and he spent the rest of the day reading all of them.  The same year my husband Brett wrote a Valentine's Day song, it was about our little life in BC as a newly married couple and was the most perfect gift.  After this year we made a rule that Valentines day will always be homemade, I just love the thought that goes into these simple gifts and gestures, for me it's a perfect way to spend the holiday.  Since then I will admit I have received flowers and sometimes a little gift and I have broke the rules myself once or twice and bought a yummy food item or two but mostly we stick to our homemade plan and it's something I very much look forward to each year.

I have a few ideas in the works for this year but at the moment they are top secret.  I've listed some other fun and easy ideas for friends, family and co-workers, hopefully they will be inspiring and your loved one, whomever they might be, will feel especially appreciated - homemade style.

These were super easy to make and are a great little gift for friends, family & co-workers

 Ideas I want to try out.  The flower valentines are lollypops, so fun!

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