04 February 2011

Pick of the week

One of my favourite coffee/tea places can be found in Leslieville and no it's not Starbucks.  Te Aro on Queen St. is not only warm and cozy on a cold day but in the summer the patio is a fabulous place to sit back and people watch.  There is just something about this place that makes you feel cooler then you really are.  Maybe it is the design aesthetic, which is a unique mix of modern and rustic furniture, accessories and decor or maybe it is the people who frequent this Queen E. gem but regardless it is one of my favourite places and therefore is my pick of the week.

I dropped by this week to meet my cousin and we both indulged ourselves with the Te Aro London Fog.  Now I don't usually like London Fogs, but this place has them down and they are awesome!  If you are in the neighbourhood be sure to drop by for a visit and check this place out, you can also check out the BlogTO review which of course says this place to awesome too!  It won't be long until the patio will be full with many mugs glistening in the sun, ahhh, one can hope right!?

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