27 April 2011

Fresh ideas...

Lately I have been doing some flower arrangements for various events and I have found I am particularly enjoying this new pastime. I also find it personally satisfying to create arrangements for as cheap as possible.  The arrangements below both cost less then $7 a vase, my best find - 8 roses for $2.99.  Men, you have no excuse with prices that great!

I have a great little florist up the street from me (Queen E.) whose prices are quite reasonable but I am a sucker for the cluster of flower stores at Avenue Rd. & Davenport, especially Jong Young Flower Market. If you haven't stopped by these stores there is no better time then now, with so many spring flowers in bloom you are sure to have a great selection to choose from.  Maybe I'll see you there, I'm the one who is obviously in the zone, choosing bunch by bunch and repetitively changing my mind, so many choices!  For me it just means I have to go back the next week and pick up more; flowers just make me happy!

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