10 April 2011

Pick of the Weekend

Today we finally got to the Tim Burton exhibit at the Bell Light Box.  I wish we could have gone sooner but thank goodness the installation is in Toronto for a good length of time allowing procrastinating people like me the chance to check it out.  

Now I am a pretty big Burton fan and love the fantasy worlds he creates in their darkness and mystery.  This exhibit lived up to all my expectations with drawings, notes, letters, actual stop motion puppets and costumes, it was Burton heaven!  The exhibit is only on for one more week so check it out if you can.  

For those of you with little ones the Sprockets festival, a film festival for children and youth is also on and I was intrigued by the very neat on-site activities they have going on for families to check out before or after the kid friendly films such as the special effects make-up session.  This festival is happening this week through to the 17th of April.  

Speaking of all things film my favourite film festival is coming to Toronto soon.  Hot Docs begins April 28th and goes through to May 8th. There are so many documentaries I wish I could check out, if only we had a money tree, thankfully we have places like the Film Buff and Queen Video for post festival rentals.
Anyway, back to Tim Burton.  If you are a fan of his style check out one of my favourite shops on etsy, Obsolete World which in my opinion mirrors the fantasy worlds Burton creates. I purchased a bunch of prints a few years ago for friends as I love the simple beauty of the artists work, I also like the titles, like this one - 'The Ever Silent Spaces.'  You can also check out the artists' blog.

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