20 December 2011

They do it in New York right?

Well, I have been out of commission for quite a while now but finally, and I say this with such trepidation, I am starting to feel like myself again and can manage a day of keeping food down – success!

Now that I am feeling better I am in full nesting mode – like serious nesting mode.  I eat, sleep and breath reorganizing our small apartment which I am refusing to give up in this baby arriving transition.  You see Brett and I were all ready to move, find something bigger, maybe with a yard for the dogs but I just can’t give up our location.  Our tiny two bedroom in the beaches is so perfectly situated a few blocks away from the beach and boardwalk, across the street basically from a fabulous park and small wetland area as well as a venue for outdoor festivals and concerts.  We have amazing neighbours, are on a first name basis with the owner of our favourite flower shop, know all the dogs on our block and on weekends we park our car and walk everywhere.  I love, love our location so the sacrifice is worth it to me at this point.  Once my husband is finished his bazillion years of schooling (he’s doing his PhD) we’ll settle down as they say but for now I am determined to make our space work, they do it in New York don’t they, so why can’t I.

So let me give you my reorganizing/redecorating breakdown.  Here are my objectives –
  • Create more storage space primarily for all the items currently occupying the babies soon to be nursery.
  • Create an office area outside of soon to be Baby Potters nursery.
  • Organize our kitchen/dining room/entrance way (yes it’s a complicated room) creating more usable space.
  • Organize our bedroom so we have more storage for books (which can no longer occupy the office) as well as a bassinet for baby for the first few months.
Piece of cake right?  Not so much – well I guess it is a process, one of which didn’t start off well.  A few weekends back Brett and I dedicated our Saturday to reorganization however we missed the important step of purchasing storage items first– whoops!  We first sold our bookcase in the living room as we will create a small office area here however this caused the dilemma of where to put all the books (and there are a lot of books when you live with a PhD student). They ended up on the floor for weeks– mistake #1.  While Brett emptied the bookshelf for selling purposes I dug into our closets (we have 3 hall closets).  To make this story shorter our apartment was covered with books, linens, coats, toiletries, food items and random crap which has been stuffed away for who knows what reason.  It will get organized, it has to…..

This is the beginning of our nesting journey for documentation sake.  I hope to include our savvy solutions of how to make room in small spaces and just wait until we get to baby products – do any small-space baby products exist – come on people total money making opportunity!

To be continued….

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