25 April 2012

Oh baby, baby....

I'm still very much adjusting to motherhood - what a ride! This post will be short and sweet for many reasons.  Mainly because a certain baby is wiggling with a sliver of an eye open which means nap time won't last for much longer.

This coming weekend is the Baby Time show in Toronto. I went to this show in the fall when I was expecting and got great deals on some much needed necessities so I am looking forward to checking it out now that we have welcomed our baby girl. Here are the top five booths I am looking forward to visiting.

1.  Aleva Naturals - We use their bamboo wipes when we are not using cloth wipes; so far they have been great so I am hoping I can pick up a few cases for a deal, as well as learn about other Aleva products I haven't tried yet.

2.  Baby Leggings - Our apartment is pretty warm and I have found myself wishing for leggings for Kai to wear with a onesie so we don't have to do the full pj's or onesies and pants which have to be taken off and on for diaper changes.  I am looking forward to "trying a pair on for size" (as they say) to see if this solves my too hot/too cold problem.

3.  Clek Inc. - Their car seats/booster seats just look so cool, I want to see them in living colour.  Check out their video for the newest seat, the whimsically named foonf.

4.  Rattle & Stroll - This store has a location my aunt and cousin have been to in Oakville and they give it rave reviews so I am excited to see some of their selection.

5.  Birth Solutions - The Sleep Doula - A friend mentioned hiring a sleep doula and she swears it saved her life.  I am interested to learn about services offered by Birth Solutions as we bravely move from sleepy infant to the unknown baby sleep stage.  Here's hoping our baby will stick to a perfect routine and we will wave good-bye to our sleep deprivation and baggy eyes - this could happen, right?

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