26 March 2012

Keeping me busy these days....

This little peanut is what has been keeping me busy over the past few weeks.  Kyla Adair McKinnon Potter was born on March 9th in a rather dramatic fashion and she has been rocking our world ever since.  The past two weeks have been filled with many a sleepless night, hours upon hours spent searching the net for mothering advice, various trips to breastfeeding clinics around Toronto and numerous visitors dropping by to get a peak at our little one.

I don't think any of the classes, books, articles or advice I heard before Kyla was born could have possibly prepared me for motherhood, we are learning together and it is quite a ride indeed.  I hope to fill you in on our trials and triumphs soon - once we somehow muster up a schedule (apparently this is possible at some point - I can't wait!)

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  1. Guys do you realize Jenna means Little White Bird? http://wiki.name.com/en/Jenna