02 November 2012

Fall around these parts...

The past two months have been quite busy, too busy actually and along with this our laptop is on the fritz which means my posts have been few and far between.  So since I have the shortest amount of time on our other computer, (my husband has taken the baby out) I will be brief.  Here are a few things I have been working on and a few upcoming events in Toronto I am very much looking forward to.  Hopefully a longer post will come soon!

Reasons why homemade Halloween costumes are awesome:
  1. They don't cost much - Kai's first Halloween costume cost $6.50
  2. They can get you free stuff - for us it was coffee which basically is the same price as the costume itself therefore the costume in the end didn't cost a thing.
  3. You can get really creative, let's face it inanimate object costumes are awesome!  A few of Kai's runner up costumes were a bag of popcorn, a garden gnome (I still really want to do this one year) and a peanut; this list could go on. So why not plan on going homemade next year - could be fun and you have a whole year to prepare!
Reasons why homemade Christmas gifts are great too:
  1. Again they don't cost much - I better not say what I am making this year but last year I ordered mini calendar Pdf's off of etsy and they were seriously cheap.  I printed and cut them and then attached a bit of yarn and mini clothes pegs so they could be hung up in an office or even magnetically on the fridge.  These little puppies were good for everyone - co-workers, mums, the in-laws as hostess gifts etc.  If you want to really get fancy you can design them yourself - whoa, really homemade!
  2. Nothing says homemade like edible gifts cause really who doesn't like Christmas cookies!  Just make sure to bake them fresh, they are better this way no matter what any website might say.
  3. You can start making gifts early like me (currently working on a few) and save yourself the hassle and pure terror of Christmas shopping at the mall.
  4. If you can't think of any ideas we now have Pinterest to help us out!
Events to check out this month:
  1. This weekend is the Day of the Dead celebration at Harbourfront which my husband and I have really been looking forward to.
  2. The Santa Claus Parade is coming up on November 18th and since it is Kyla's first Christmas we will be making an attempt to be festive, yet not freeze, while waving to Santa.  Here is a great article with a few helpful tips to help you and the fam enjoy the show.

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