05 January 2012

This ain't your old lady brooch fetish

I've been busy over Christmas working on a new project involving many, many brooches.  Brooch bouquets are a unique alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet and they are becoming increasingly popular especially in your downtown/urban settings as many brides are looking for ways to be unconventional, hip and trendy - the whole old/new is all the rage here. 

I got the request for a custom order of a brooch bouquet back in November which didn't leave me much time especially for a project I have never tackled before.  It did require a lot of searching for good brooches and many hours of wiring and arranging - for sure a time consuming project - but in the end I am quite pleased with the result and am excited to see photos of what it looks like with the bridal gown.

For anyone thinking this would make a great DIY project let me give you a few pointers which I wish I could have found in all my internet research.

  1. This is not an easy throw it together project - if you lack patience or are on a time crunch stay away!
  2. All of the websites I looked at said to individually wrap each brooch in floral tape - this was a sticky mess which I aborted early on.  I couldn't get the clusters to stay together the way I wanted to and the end result was very heavy.  My suggestion - cut a small Styrofoam ball in half and attach a handle to the base.  Cluster through the ball allowing the circle to form your structure.  You can build on the original structure this way for a layered effect if you like however I really love the tightly woven look so I went with this option.
  3. If you are going the purchase route remember brooches are expensive and since this is such a time consuming project the cost of making something like this is quite high.  Purchase in advance to allow adequate time for the creation for the bouquet and have a swatch of your dress ready to give out as well, this is very helpful in terms of brooch selection.
I always find the end result rewarding when it comes to custom orders but I am especially excited this time around as this will most likely be my last order before baby Potter arrives - I'll have to figure out how to manage the whole beading, small bits, wires and other not so baby friendly objects once I get used to being a mum.  In the meantime I am pumped to get back to nesting in our nursery - before and after pictures coming soon!

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